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Have you ever wondered how it is possible that within your company, contradictory objectives are pursued at the same time? Should not everyone in the company pursue its long-term objectives and contribute to their achievement? And should these goals not also work towards future-oriented, and at the same time socially, economically and ecologically acceptable, behaviour from every corporate member?

We enable you to keep your course for success!

Dr. Kleinfeld CEC offers seminars and other forms of training for management development. We support your managers and skilled employees in being sustainably successful.

You are looking for professional management development revolving around the topics of holistic management, corporate culture and business ethics?

  • In your opinion, the quality of management in your company improves if your managers possess a deep understanding of corporate culture and corporate ethics?
  • You would like to be supported even more by your managers in implementing your mission statement and your strategic goals?
  • You would like your managers to possess future-oriented and cutting edge management and leadership knowledge?
  • You would like to enable your managers and skilled employees to implement Compliance or CSR within your company?

Dr. Kleinfeld CEC supports you with competence, experience and a full commitment to all of these issues.

We offer you excellent management development based on competence and understanding  

  • Profound expertise in conveying topics revolving around corporate culture and business ethics
  • Numerous best practice examples from our consulting
  • New approaches of modern strategy development and implementation
  • Many years of cross-sector experience in providing seminars and training for national and international companies of all sizes
  • Seminars and training in German, English and French

With us, your managers are in good hands: Our seven promises for excellent management development

  • Specialised, experienced and highly qualified coaches and consultants
  • Qualification concepts suitable for the companies and target groups
  • Practical knowledge transfer and practice of subject areas
  • A variety of methods and creativity
  • Interactive learning and experience exchanging
  • Enabling participants to independently implement knowledge acquired during training sessions
  • Feedback given to clients following each training unit

Our offer for your management development

Dr. Kleinfeld CEC develops in-house solutions for your management-development.

Contact us, we guarantee we have an excellent solution for you!

Those who become enamoured of practices without science are like sailors who go aboard ship without a rudder and compass, for they are never certain where they will land.

    [Leonardo da Vinci]

Did you know?

In the context of the introduction of codes of conduct and compliance management systems, Dr. Kleinfeld CEC provides management developments and train-the-trainer measurements.

Are you interested in our seminars and in-house training? Feel free to get in touch with us!

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