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What you need to know about ISO 26000 – guideline for social responsibility

On this page we provide a composition of interesting information and facts worth knowing about ISO 26000.

In September 2010, the international community adopted, by a large majority, a standard for social responsibility –ISO 26000. ISO 26000’s publication on 1 November 2010 entails numerous questions, especially with regards to its practical implementation into a corporation’s daily business. On this page, we give answers to these questions and provide interesting information regarding ISO 26000 - a topic of the future. Learn more about how sustainability is re-defined in the 21st century and what this means for your company!

The answers to your questions regarding ISO 26000

The new standard contains more than 100 pages. We have summarised the new standard’s most important points in a clear manner and point out what they mean, in concrete terms, for your company.

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First-hand information: Interview with Dr Annette Kleinfeld

Learn more about the background of the standard: In this interview, Dr Annette Kleinfeld, original contributing expert to ISO 26000, reveals information on the new standard worth knowing.

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