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With us, you are well advised: We offer holistic management-consulting for sustained success

Behind Dr. Kleinfeld CEC is a competent and committed team who, with care and consideration, gets its customers on the track to sustained success..

We bring together, what belongs together

For us, topics like sustainability, compliance, Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) and business ethics are all but trend terms. What they essentially contain is the ability of companies to anchor ethical value orientations within their corporate culture. Our core competence in holistic consulting and management development lies in integrating so called "soft topics" for the success of a company.

We bring invisible strengths to the fore

We support our customers in establishing successful and sustainable strategies, processes and management systems. In order to ensure these fit into the company, our consulting takes into account the company’s evolved corporate culture. Here, together with our customers, we already find the fundamental clues to which strategies and measurements have the potential to actually work for them. Thus making it possible to build upon the good and well-proven and to create the new.     

We consider ourselves as "navigators for excellence"

Our goal in consulting and management development is the sustained economic success of our customers. We have reached this goal when our customers have set the benchmark for their success as characterised by growth, improvement and the acceptance of social responsibility.

We think in entrepreneurial, human and sustainable ways

All of our consultants are highly qualified and extremely well-trained. Our expertise in business, our experience of consulting and our deep understanding of cooperation in complex social "systems" allows us to develop solutions together with our customers which meet today’s, as well as tomorrow’s, demands.

We strive for Corporate Excellence

Our quality promise to our customers is embodied in the governance of our own company in accordance with Corporate Excellence.

There is a fire in us which burns for culture and ethics

We like to be there for our customers – with full commitment, creative ideas and a passion for the contents of our consulting. We live by our motto: "You can kindle in others only the fire which burns in yourself" (Augustinus).

Convince yourself and get to know a different form of consulting and management development which puts the emphasis on making change possible and being successful in the long term!

Did you know?

Dr. Kleinfeld CEC is the only holistic management consultancy in Germany that specializes in corporate culture and business ethics. We have expertise in business administration and knowledge of the shaping of corporate culture and identity which we have gained through more than 20 years of professional experience.

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